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The Future Excellence International Medical Summer School runs from the 5th until the 9th of August and focuses on up-grading medical students knowledge and skills. This is so they can be more competitive academically, clinically and technologically when pursuing a medical or surgical specialty of their choice and most importantly enjoy what they do!


Anatomy Challenge
Chest Drain
Laparoscopic skills
Life Support
Orthopaedic skills
Surgical skills
Ultrasound training
surgical skillsOrthopaedic skills
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Over 2000 students from 120 universities

It is the most fantastic opportunity to interact with cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking research to enable future doctors to help lead the way in personalised medicine. We expose delegates to the current global health issues and thought leaders who are teaching “golden nuggets of knowledge” that would not be learnt normally through a routine medical curriculum.

Every year Future Excellence International Medical Summer School focuses on general themes. For 2019, the theme is “nutrition and fitness.” We aim to not only provide information for delegates to give practical lifestyle advice to patients but profound information for future clinicians to lead their own healthy mental and physical lives. This is to ensure all delegates are educated in detail as to what is a healthy lifestyle and to dispense with the myths that have clouded the medical world for so long.

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Future Excellence Podcasts

Listen to interesting discussions with experts on recent medical advances and ethics, gene therapy, fitness, nutrition, mental health and many more!!
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Dr Cos interviews Dr Amel Algharani

Dr Cos interviews Dr Amel Algharani

Dr Cos and Guest speaker Amel Algharani as they discussed on this informative podcast Medical ethics, manslaughter and regulating reproductive technologies. There are some revealing facts not to be missed. Listen to the full episode here...

Dr Cos interviews Andrew Keiller

Dr Cos interviews Andrew Keiller

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