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Welcome to Future Excellence.

The Future Excellence International Medical Summer School focuses on up-grading medical students knowledge and skills. This is so they can be more competitive academically, clinically and technologically when pursuing a medical or surgical specialty of their choice and most importantly enjoy what they do!

The summer school was great, the lectures were really interesting and very relevant to my interests. The best part of the week was the workshop for the surgical skills, I was really impressed by the tutors. Also the tutors and organizers were very friendly and helpful.
I have to say that the Medical Summer school was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed every second of it and
it was very fruitful. The part which I enjoyed most are the workshops. Would have loved to have more workshops and less lectures since I found them much more interesting.
Overall everything was well organized, every person was very friendly and & gave help if we needed. The workshops were very useful and helpful in our knowledge. Thank you so much about everything and for your amazing efforts.
TZUniversity of Ioannina
DO Greece
MFUniversity of Malta
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Aims of the medical school


Provide opportunities to interact with key opinion leaders in medicine and surgery both during and after the event.


Instruction on practical skills in not only the specialty of choice but also multipurpose skills.


Counsel on developing an outstanding portfolio.


Provide an insight into the future of the most competitive surgical and medical specialities.

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The Future Excellence International Medical Summer School.

We are not just a summer school at Future Excellence we are an online educational platform as well. When you sign up for the summer school an online profile with all your necessary documentation will be accessible and the ability to engage with other fellow members and alumni of the summer school. Access to lecture material as well as other multimedia learning material as well. If you like discounted medical textbooks or even free medical textbooks accessing the Future Excellence app will grant you an experience in medical learning that is beautifully slick!

We truly believe that doctors will “heal the world” and and we aim to inspire future doctors with other passionate thought leaders in the medical world to light up others in their darkest hours and moments of need.

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Our doctor founder envisioned the medical summer school while engaging in peace building activities in war torn countries and believes to this day, that it was in those moments while sharing knowledge and food, life changing experiences could be had that could benefit the future course of peoples lives for the better.

The summer school itself has a history of 10 years, in the next 10 years an epic modernisation is envisioned to help future doctors diagnose, treat and monitor disease in patients and provide insight on technological advancement in a specialty of choice.

Diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease is becoming increasingly complex and stressful for the modern medical student due to the increasingly massive continuum of data, knowledge, information and data generated in medicine. Obtaining some of the best strategies to learn about and even retrieve information in an ever expanding specialty is one of the main aims of the summer school. Engage with other medical students from all over the world in an entertaining and educational atmosphere to make lifelong friends to encourage lifelong learning is one of the other main objectives of the summer school.

Junior doctors increasingly need to make a decision on the specialty they would like to engage with for the rest of their life and summer school aims to shine a light on “the good, the bad and the ugly” aspects of a specialty. This can be done before reaching a ‘crossroads’ of choosing a career while attending the summer school with a clear understanding of the merits and demerits, pressures and challenges, and long-term prospects.

In addition, the experience of the summer school was designed to shine a light on other specialties that may not be introduced during the undergraduate medical school years. In this way new and up and coming specialties which require curious and brave new future doctors can be inspired to engage with other leaders in that nascent specialty!

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Costas Fantis
Costas Fantis
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