Episode 1: Fitness, Nutrition and Mental Health with Andrer Kieller

Andrew Keiller is a physique life coach and nutritionist. He has a massive following on instagram and provides online coaching. Mental health athlete of team Strom-sports-nutrition. Dr Cos and Andrew discuss Fitness, Nutrition and Mental health. They shared tips on leading a more productive life through the right amount of intensity and focus…. And many more!!

Episode 2: Medical Ethics with Amel Alghrani

This weeks guest is Amel Alghrani, a medical lawyer. Amel and Dr Cos will be sharing thoughts on medical ethics, Manslaughter, and regulations on reproductive technologies. There are some revealing facts not to be missed. Listen to the full episode here…

Episode 3: Ep 3 “Picking your genes and living how you want to live… better stronger faster…” with Avi Roy

This week’s is Dr Avi Roy, a gene therapy expert. Dr Avi and Dr Cos discussed medical advances in the field of gene therapy. It includes research results, amazing discoveries and huge potential in the field of Medicine.