General surgery / Urology / Cardiothoracic surgery

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11th  International Medical Summer School

5th August to 9th August 2019

University Place, University of Manchester

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All streams will have an appropriate blend of the following that is dependant on delegate choice and availability of clinicians. Day 1 delegates choose if they would prefer to understand more about and have a “taster session” on the lifestyle and practice of multiple surgical specialties or the lifestyle and practice of multiple medical specialties. Days 2 – 4 consists of workshops, discussions and structured overviews of important topics and future trends of specialist streams. On the final day information will be given on developing and nurturing a portfolio; guidance on career progression; entering specialist training (Please also see about page).

General Surgery, Urology, Cardiothoracic Surgery EVENT dependant on

availability of clinicians

0900-0950 Laparoscopic

and Ultrasound


0950-1040 Laparoscopic

and Ultrasound


1040-1100 – Break
1100-1150 General Surgical Emergencies
1150-1240 Essentials of Trauma Surgery
1240-1340 – Lunch
1340-1430 Orthopaedic Skills
1430-1520 Orthopaedic Skills
1520-1610 Common Urological Conditions and Management
1610-1700 An Overview of Transplant Surgery
0900-0950 Surgical Skills
0950-1040 Surgical Skills
1040-1100 – Break
1100-1150 Fundamentals of Cardiac Surgery
1150-1240 Recent and Future Advances of Cardiothoracic Surgery
1240-1340 – Lunch
1340-1430 Basic and Trauma Life Support, Ophthalmology and Otoscopy
1430-1520 Basic and Trauma Life Support, Ophthalmology and Otoscopy
1520-1610 Essentials of Hepatobiliary- Pancreatic Surgery
1610-1700 An Overview of Laparoscopic Surgery