Week schedule

On the first day – delegates choose if they would prefer to understand more about and have a “taster session” on the lifestyle and practice of multiple surgical specialties or the lifestyle and practice of multiple medical specialties. The surgical lifestyle usually appeals to those who are more practical and enjoy the environment of the surgical theatre. Those who enjoy the medical lifestyle are usually delegates who revel in a challenging diagnosis and complex investigations and medical management. In the end there is simply medicine and surgery and during this day we aim to provide a better way of communicating to linked disciplines. A hot drink break and lunch is catered for everyday throughout the week. Cultural diets have been taken into account and multiple selections of cuisine  is available. The hot drink break and lunch is inclusive in the price of the summer school for the whole week.

These days are usually the most rewarding for the delegates in relation to their chosen future specialty. Specific engaging lectures will be given about their specialty of choice combined with “golden nuggets of knowledge” about the current research being performed at major institutions and what the future of the specialty holds in the coming years.


These days invigorating and inspiring as such information is not given in medical school but happily imparted here at Future Excellence International Medical Summer School.


It is also during these days that engaging hands on workshops pertinent to the skills and training needed will be organised. Dependent on availability of clinicians, workshops include basic surgical and suturing skills, orthopaedic skills, basic life support, intermediate life support, essentials of trauma life support, laparoscopic skills, and basic skills in paediatrics, OBG and ophthalmology. Super engaging topics like conflict-medicine, space-medicine, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence in healthcare and how these can impact on longevity as well as on global health will also be discussed dependant on the theme of the year and availability of key opinion leaders.

all delegates will develop an understanding of core knowledge underpinning actions in humanitarian response to global health and how modern technology is used to improve global health, trauma, infectious disease, and maternal global health. A foundation of how to publish medical studies that contribute in a meaningful way to the practice of medicine will also be outlined to students no matter their global background. It is also on day four how future doctors from outside of the UK may be able to apply and practice with the National Health Service of the UK.

The screening round of the “World Anatomy Challenge” will also be taking place for all delegates on day four. This is where the top 10 scorers will be endowed with the responsibility of representing their country in the finals of the “World Anatomy Challenge” on the final day of the summer school.

On the final day of the Future Excellence International Medical Summer School, continued information will be given on developing and nurturing a portfolio; guidance on career progression; entering a core training and later a specialist training programme internationally and how to present at National and International Conferences. Invited keynote lecturers will also deliver insightful and meaningful topics on topics about the specialist theme for the year. The summer school ends on the high of the competitive finals of the “World Anatomy Challenge”.